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isabel cintra

Isabel Cintra grew up in the small town of Sao Joaquim de Barra, Brazil. At an early age, she entered the magical world of writing and literature. A shy girl with a head full of thoughts, her greatest desire was to share with the world, through her books, the vision of an enchanted princess who looked like her. Through her vibrant picture books, illustrated by her brother Zeka Cintra, Isabel strives to introduce kids to a world where diversity is valuable and beautiful. Fantasy, representativeness and diversity are common themes in her editorial production. Her work, Corvo-Correio was a winner of the 2017 Off Flip Literature Prize. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and daughters.


zeka cintra

Zeka Cintra has degree in Plastic Arts from School of Education São Luís de Jaboticabal (SP) - Brazil.

Since his childhood, he liked to draw on any surface he could find: walls, sidewalks, on the covers of his mother's recipe books, lined sheets from his school notebook .

At seventeen-year-old he started his career as a draftsman in
an architecture firm and soon after, he had a stint in scientific drawing, which lasted a few years.

But the passion for illustrating children's books has always
been greater and in  2008 he decided to go to live in Portugal, where he has been practicing his artistic activity ever since and very happy.

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